Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans … Sicily is a crossroad of culture and history. Food, architecture, dialects, and populational diversity make a unique and interesting melting pot represented by Sicilians and Sicily with its sparkling sea, gorgeous nature, and amazing landscapes.

Sicily is an incredible fusion of cultures and natural beauty. Among its many wonders are the lunar landscapes of Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, with its breathtaking eruptions, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, and the countless mountains and rivers that crisscross the island’s terrain. In these charming landscapes, many important historical towns were founded, such as Taormina with its ancient theatre, and Syracuse.

Nature, culture, and food. With our cooking classes, you will learn how to prepare some of the best Sicilian recipes, such as cannoli, arancini, and many others.

Spend your holidays with us. Our tours are suitable for everyone, from families and couples to individual travellers. Our daily excursions are organized in small groups, because we believe in having a relationship with our guests that is as personal and familiar as the ones we have with our friends.

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